Whittington Public Meeting – your chance to quiz hospital bosses

February 27th, 2013

Ed, Katherine & Ben at the WhittingtonLike many local residents I was shocked by the recent news that the Whittington Hospital Board want to sell off about a third of the land at the Whittington site and make some important changes to services.  There was no consultation or discussion with residents and patients about these plans, so it is not surprising they have caused confusion and alarm.

In response, our local MP Lynne Featherstone launched a petition demanding that the Hospital Board hold a public consultation before selling any property, and to ensure services are protected and improved.  The petition had a huge response and has already been signed by over 2,000 local residents, and has now forced the Hospital Board to listen.  They have promised to engage with residents about their plans and argue that services will not be lost.

However, the Board have a lot of convincing to do – so they have agreed to hold a public meeting this Friday (1st March) for all residents who want to ask questions and air their concerns.  The meeting, which has been organised by Lynne, will be at the Greig City Academy, entrance off Hillfield Avenue, Hornsey N8 7NU.  Whittington Board members will be there from 6.30pm to answer questions  and the formal meeting will be 7.30-9pm.

Please sign the petition and come along and have your say!

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