Volunteers needed to help maintain the Parkland Walk

November 9th, 2012

Volunteering on the Parkland WalkThe Friends of the Parkland Walk have set up three volunteering days on the Parkland Walk this month to help maintain the nature area.  The first one is tomorrow 11am to 1pm on the section between Stapleton Hall Road and Upper Tollington Park.

The aim is to maintain the grassy meadow behind Florence Road and make sure it does not become overgrown.  There will be a second volunteering day at this site on Thursday 22nd November.  A third action day will be at the Highgate end.

Volunteering on the Parkland Walk is great fun and very rewarding.  I did a session a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it (see picture).  Volunteers are recommended to bring strong gardening gloves and wear long sleeves.  Tools can be provided but bring along your own if you have them.

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