Strict conditions demanded on new Upper Tollington car wash application

August 20th, 2012

Carwash canopyThe car wash at 2 Upper Tollington Park (behind Nandos) has put in a new planning application for a canopy, after its previous attempt to get retrospective approval for the current ugly canopy was rejected (see previous post). I’ve looked at the application online and spoken to the Council’s planning office and this proposal is definitely better. The car wash have agreed to build a new canopy with a metal frame, set several metres back from teh front of the building.  The canopy would not be enclosed on the side.

However, I remain worried that, whatever the owners promise, unless the canopy is built properly with quality materials in neutral colours, it will still look an eyesore.  Therefore I’ve put in a formal submission asking for:

  • the Council to put strict conditions on the quality, finish and colour of the materials used
  • a condition that the new structure must be inspected by the Council’s building control officers to ensure it is safe and built properly
  • a condition that the existing ugly timber and plastic canopy is demolished as soon as possible

I have said that without these conditions I would oppose this new application.  The Council says it will be making its decision very soon.  I know many local residents are annoyed that this ugly unauthorised canopy has been allowed to remain so long,  so I hope the Council gets its act together and insists on this canopy being demolished quickly and puts tough conditions on any new structure.

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