Complaints about missed bin collections and overflowing waste

July 7th, 2012

Woodstock Road binsI’ve had a surge of complaints about missed bin collections from local residents – with wheelie bins not emptied on the scheduled day.  I first contacted the Labour councillor in charge of waste on 22 June asking for an urgent explanation of what was happening – and whether the Council’s contractor Veolia was struggling with the new bin system.  Despite the obvious urgency it took almost 2 weeks to get a response saying that some collections in Stroud Green are being delayed and that the Council are having to monitor Veolia very closely.  I’ve been assured that the problems are resolved, but if your bin is not collected on schedule please get in touch and I will take the issue up again.

Today I was out and about on Woodstock Road and Stroud Green Road delivering our new FOCUS leaflet and I was worried to see overflowing black bins at a number of properties.  This photo was taken on Woodstock Road where a group of eight black wheelie bins for two neighbouring properties were all overflowing.  The next fortnightly collection is not for another three days so the situation is bound to get worse!

I specifically warned the Council that the new system would not work in Woodstock Road, which is very densely populated with very small front yards and almost every house broken into multiple flats.  However, as usual, councillors’ and residents’ concerns were disregarded and the Council pressed on anyway with its one-size-fits-all new bin system.  I will keep reporting problems to the Council and trying to get them sorted.  Please get in contact if you have any bin problems you want help with.

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