Three month saga of the blocked drain that Haringey still haven’t cleared

April 15th, 2012

Stroud Green Road drainRegular readers of my website know I’m always happy to help sort out a problem the Council hasn’t resolved for weeks (and engage in a bit of of pointing if necessary – see picture).   But this Easter I encountered one of the worst examples of Haringey incompetence yet – a blocked drain on Stroud Green Road that a resident has been complaining about for three and a half months.  He first contacted the Council on New Years Eve – but its still not properly cleared now.

Twice the Council has declared the drain fixed - but on each occasion seems to have gone to the wrong place or not done the job properly.  A month ago the resident got the Chief Executive of Haringey Council involved – but despite his intervention the drain remains full of mud and litter!

I’ve now asked for the Council to get its act together and sort this out once and for all.  One senior council officer has said the budget cuts make it harder to sort out issues like this.  But surely its cheaper to fix a drain the first time, rather than send officers on multiple visits, have to respond to further complaints, and use up the Chief Executive’s valuable time?  No wonder Haringey Council is in such a mess, if it can’t even sort out small things like this.

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