Should parking controls be increased for the Olympics?

February 12th, 2012

Parking signI’ve been asked by the Council whether residents would want extra parking controls for the Olympics -in particular a temporary extension to the hours of the Stroud Green CPZ.  The key text from the email I’ve received is below:

With the preparations and build up to the Olympics continuing, Traffic Management service is continuing to develop their plans to ensure the smooth flow of traffic throughout the Borough during this period.

Whilst Olympic tickets include free travel in London, one question is whether ticketholders from further afield may still use their own transport to travel to the outskirts of the tube and train network in order to keep their travel costs lower.  Traffic Management have therefore looked at transport access points in the Borough and have brought to my attention the following issue:

1.      In 2 hour CPZ’s where controls operate 10am to Midday and have tube or railway stations in the vicinity for those tickets holders attending PM events.

At the present time there are no plans to introduce any additional parking controls for the Olympics period in the Borough. If you consider that this would be a particular issue please let me know.

I’m also trying to find out what the Council’s plans are for parking controls in the Finsbury Park CPZ for the 10 day ‘Jamaica Village’ festival in Finsbury Park. Does it intend to put in place match/event day parking restrictions in place on all 10 days? Having restrictions Monday-Saturday until 8.30pm could affect businesses and residents quite a lot.  Another reason why it would make sense for the Council to hold a proper consultation with local residents about the effects of Jamaica Village!

Any view on parking during the Olympics would be very welcome so I can feed points back to the Council.  Personally I’m not convinced that extra controls are needed in the Stroud Green CPZ for the Olympics but would interested if people disagreed.

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2 comments on “Should parking controls be increased for the Olympics?”

  1. Helen says:

    No to an extension.

  2. Gardener-Joe says:

    How ludicrous. No!

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