Lynne launches campaign for safer crossing at Upper Tollington Park

June 14th, 2010

Lynee, Ed and me launching the campaignLynne Featherstone has joined the Stroud Green Lib Dem team in launching a campaign to make the pedestrian crossing on Upper Tollington Park (by the junction with Florence Road) safer.  The campaign was launched after local residents raised concerns about the speed of traffic on the road and a recent accident near the zebra crossing.

This is a key route for children going to Stroud Green Primary School and many years ago the Council employed a ‘lollipop lady’ to patrol the crossing. However, I’m told that when she retired she was never replaced. So as a first step to make the crossing safer, we are calling for the Council to employ a new crossing patrol person.

Thanks to pressure from Lynne, Ed Butcher and myself, the Council have now agreed to put up more warning signs on the road, and the local police are doing extra speed patrols on the road.  However, the real long-term answer is to get the crossing upgraded with traffic lights and measures to slow down the traffic.

To get the Council to take action, we have launched an online petition to demonstrate how strongly local people feel about this issue. Please sign up here.

Everyone I’ve spoken to so far has been extremely supportive of the campaign. In fact, when we took this photo of us launching the campaign, several residents came out of their houses to offer us their backing and tell us their concerns about the traffic.  I hope with such strong support we are able to make a difference.

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5 comments on “Lynne launches campaign for safer crossing at Upper Tollington Park”

  1. Fiona Hoban says:

    I used to use this crossing every day to take my one year old to and from her childminder. It was entirely normal for traffic to fail to stop (my daughter learned a lot of swearwords from me as we used this crossing), but more than that, on two experiences we were very nearly run over. I was so frightened by this that I actually altered my route and took a longer, but safer, walk through Finsbury Park in order to avoid this crossing. I don’t think a crossing patrol person is the right thing as this crossing is not just used by school children, and indeed, my experiences would have been earlier and later than the lollipop lady would be there. I would like to see the crossing upgraded with traffic lights and measures to slow down the traffic.

    (Incidentally can I mention my near death experiences at the crossing outside Londis on Oakfield Road. I would like to see measures with reference to this crossing too).

  2. Carrie Anker says:

    It would be good to add the crossing in Endymion Road, near Tancred and Conningsby Road to this, as we’ve had exactly the same problem as stated above in this crossing. Cars tend to speed up as they travel down the road to Green Lanes, and don’t bother stopping at this crossing. My children and I have also nearly been run over on a few occasions by cars not stopping. My children took to counting the amount of cars that didn’t stop, and one time it amounted to 12!!! A pelican crossing, with lights would improve the situation.

  3. Donna says:

    I totally agree with Fiona. I have had similar experiences. I think it would be good to put cameras there because often drivers don’t bother to stop because they know they won’t get caught in my opinion. They laugh at you when you complain.

  4. Rachel Hopkins says:

    I use the crossing frequently to take my children to and from Stroud Green School. It is frankly frequently quite terrifying as drivers fail to stop or even notice the zebra as they are driving far too fast or whizzing round the corners. While I would welcome a school crossing patrol I agree something more permanent would be even better as children also need to come home later after clubs etc. In the dark in the winter, you take your life in your hands to cross. Thanks for the campaign.

  5. UTPresident says:

    I think it would be safer to have no crossing at all here. It’s in a dangerous place on the bend and visibility is a problem because of the parked cars. People wrongly assume where there is a crossing that drivers will stop for them so start crossing when it is not safe to do so, but if there was no crossing they would wait until is is safe to cross. Also if there was no crossing there people may find a much safer place to cross where there is no visibility issue, rather than gravitating towards the crossing which is not safe.

    The council could spend a fortune on this and accidents and near misses will still happen because of inconsiderate and dangerous drivers, or they could just take the crossing away and people will be more careful when crossing the road or find a safer place to cross. Isn’t it time for a common sense approach to this?

    Maybe we do need some traffic monitoring/calming as people do speed on this stretch of road and I’ve witnessed several incidents of dangerous/careless driving resulting in accidents.

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