No trifling matter

December 7th, 2009

A trifleI wasn’t going to post about the trifle incident – but its not often that the Telegraph cover Stroud Green news so I’ve decided I have to (Telegraph article here).   At last week’s Full Council meeting a Labour councillor was forced to apologise to Stroud Green Councillor Laura Edge for calling her a trifle.

Laura was asking a perfectly sensible question about whether the Council would support a campaign for 1 hour bus tickets, to stop people who change buses paying twice (details of the campaign here).  Instead of an answer what she got was a bizarre tirade from Labour councillor Brian Haley which ended with him calling her “sweet” like a “trifle”.

I can understand why Laura was annoyed – the remarks were obviously designed to be patronising and when delivered to a young woman sound incredibly sexist.   But the really serious issue is why Labour councillors would rather resort to silly name calling than answer the questions that are put to them.  Cllr Haley should be eating humble pie not throwing around trifling insults.

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